thunderislove (thunderislove) wrote in storm_chasers,

San Marcos, TX


My name is Sarah and I am from San Marcos, TX. I have always had a passion for sever weather and, after meeting a cousin I had never met before who chases, am finally ready to start taking some action to make my dreams come true! Since graduating college to become a teacher, I have wished that I had gone to school to be a meteorologist so that I could chase. I don't know why it took me so long to figure out that I can do it as a hobby and figure it out on my own and through networking!

I am currently communicating with my cousin and he is teaching me the basics of how tornadoes are formed, where to position yourself in the storm, the equipment I need, websites that are's going to be a process, but I am getting there. I am learning about updrafts, inflow, outflow, rain free base, jet lines, etc etc!

I am trying to seek out other severe weather lovers in or around my area who would like to mentor me, learn together, or let me come along on chases to learn from people who are experienced!

Anybody from this area?


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